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Who We Are:


A.L. Efficacy Movement, a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c) (3) organization , will use partnerships and collaborative efforts with Local and Regional Theaters, College and Universities and Municipalities across the country to produce Professional Theatre and Dance Productions. These productions along with philanthropic donations, golf promotion and corporate sponsorships are to be pursued to generate funds that can help make a difference in the communities at large 
​ with emphasis on inclusion, equity, equality and the environment. Some of our upcoming artistic works will speak on the water crisis that's a worldwide problem.

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Our mission is dedicated to positively impacting the minds of  youth by countering the strategic influence of historically perpetuated negative stories and imagery targeting diverse youth in the media (film, TV, radio, magazines and social media). With deliberate intent, we aim to amplify positive and productive voices from the African Diaspora through live theatre and dance. Additionally, we seek to globally celebrate Black and Latinx excellence through digital film/TV and video distribution. Our mission is not simply to entertain; it's to empower.

We seek to revolutionize the mindset by shattering the pernicious mirrors of negative stereotypes that have long plagued Black and Brown portrayals in media. Our weapons of choice? The transformative power of live theatre and dance through vibrant expressions that amplify their voices. Beyond the stage, we champion Black and Latinx excellence through the global reach of digital film, television, and video distribution, weaving a tapestry of brilliance that transcends borders and inspires generations.


Welcome to A. L. Efficacy Movement (ALEM)

UPDATE:  EMVAD TV  Streaming Service