"Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought." -Einstein

To our supporters, 

We are in the midst of a very important Film, TV, and Videography fundraising endeavor. 

Via a Strategic Alliance Agreement we have garnered a structured foundational access that allows for the creation of a Black Owned Online Steaming Enterprise with global exposure capabilities. 

Mission: To amplify Black voices of the African Diaspora and celebrate Black and Latinx excellence globally through the medium of digital Film/TV and Video distribution. We are an edutainment entity with purpose. True Stories, Biographies, Science, Fiction, Comedy, Instructional, Documentaries that educate, enlighten, and uplift will be our focus. Black / Latinx creative content owners of Film shorts, Feature Length Films of Dance, Drama, Comedy, Science and Science Fiction, Short Stories, Music, Art, Animation, and Puppetry will have the opportunity for their works to be exposed nationally and internationally while being directly compensated via a revenue sharing agreement. 

Our motto… We create and produce. You create. You produce. We distribute.

What is needed are financial supporters and sponsors that allows us to finance the completion of a new website that is "under construction" that will house the capability required as well as a guaranteed annual three year run that would involve advertisement, marketing, and promotion of Film/TV productions under our watch list. As the watch list grows we grow.

We will be securing rights to distribute Film/TV/Video product content through simple negotiations. 

We will have a subscription base audience. We seek to position ourselves as an organization in having to succeed where with or without the initial subscriber base needed to maintain the quarterly overhead cost we are able to manage the first year's push and beyond. 

Yes, we will be seeking Black, Latinx, and Other owner creator content from the continent of Africa, Europe, North, Central, and South America, Indonesia and across the globe… wherever The Diasporians reside. The creator content voices to be heard are essential and are there to be released as the opportunity presented is viable and available. 

With the foundation to commence already in place funding to make the crucial next step is being sought. The funding sought allows for the website and the potential viewing platforms to be activated and maintained throughout the year and beyond.

We will be the opportunity entity for those who have the creative high artistry juices to produce and bring forth to fruition their vision, but not the ways and means of getting their voices heard via a global distribution network. That's where we come into play. 

For your edification, attached is the fundraiser document for the most pressing endeavor we are engulfed in as these times dictate to survive. This particular route may well be the ultimate solution for our sustainability as an organization that just so happens to include opportunities for others in the process. 

Together we rise to create more and speak to that which need spoken. Enrichment, uplifting, being impactful is what results through purposeful cognitive efforts. 

We need your support... 

Please Donate!

For OTT application information click here: Fundraiser Sponsor Document Form

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A.L. Efficacy Movement, a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c) (3) organization , will use partnerships and collaborative efforts with Local and Regional Theaters, College and Universities and Municipalities across the country to produce Professional Theatre and Dance Productions. These productions along with philanthropic donations, golf promotion and corporate sponsorships are to be pursued to generate funds that can help make a difference in the communities at large. Efficacy seeks to become a successful fundraiser, bolstered by a strong group of volunteers.