Don Owens book "Burn Fuel Better" is the inspiration and motivation behind ALEM'S new creative work-in-progress. The work's impact will help in continuing the efforts of creating a climate change knowledge based mindset that further the importance of man's conscientious movements towards saving the planet. Being cognizant of life's source, such as, clean air and water allows for everyone to eventually participate in doing the right things in their daily lives.

We're in the early stages of development.  We are working and partnering together collectively and collaboratively to produce live theatre performances, video productions and the use of the EMVAD TV Streaming platform to give global exposure and awareness for the importance of infrastructure needed to combat the black carbon environmental issue once funding and production resources are garnered.


HYDROGEN INFRASTRUCTURE IS ON THE WAY: For detailed information on each collaborative partner seeking the solution please view the following websites:

Conservancy Art