Alde Lewis

"My One and Only" Revival...Goodspeed Opera House: "Mr. Lewis stops the show cold in the second act, when Billy comes to Mr. Magix for help with his romantic dilemmas."  -- New York Times 

​​​Dedicated Outreach to Underserved Communities
A notable aspect of the A.L. Efficacy Movement Inc (ALEM) impact lies in its Founder's commitment to outreach in underserved communities. By actively targeting these communities, the organization addresses disparities and works towards creating equal opportunities for personal and collective growth. This deliberate focus on inclusivity aligns with the broader mission of fostering positive change and ensuring that the benefits of the programs are accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic background.

The ALEM’s impact is nuanced and far-reaching. By seamlessly integrating arts, education, and community engagement, the organization is actively contributing to the positive development and empowerment of youth, creating a ripple effect that extends into communities and society at large. 

For the past three years, Founder, Mr. Alde Lewis has worked as a sole proprietor offering dance instruction to two of the Charter Schools in metropolitan Houston, TX. This program has directly served more than 2000 students and is presently on track to be a permanent asset with continued funding.  

Mr. Alde Lewis began in Flint, Michigan, and subsequently moved to New York City before landing in Houston, Texas.  

New York City: Fostering Creative Expression and Inclusivity
New York City, known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, has been a canvas for Alde Lewis to implement programs that foster creative expression and inclusivity. Recognizing the diverse and dynamic nature of the city, the ALde Lewis initiatives in NYC aimed to provide platforms for young individuals to express themselves through various artistic mediums. These programs contribute to the cultural tapestry of the city while promoting inclusivity and empowerment among its youth. While in NYC, more than 5000 individuals were affected by his projects through professional performances, dance, and choreography workshops. 

Flint, MI: Empowering Resilience Through the Arts
In Flint, Michigan, Alde Lewis was deeply involved in local educational institutions and the United Way's initiative, Bridges to the Future. This involvement was instrumental in the establishment of ALEM, an organization conceived under the auspices of a program known as Amistad. The Amistad After School Academy, a vital component of the Sylvester Broome Technology and Training Center and an affiliate of Career Alliance, was a significant part of this endeavor. ALEM's professional performances, dance, and choreography workshops, which reached an estimated 500 students over a two-year period, were designed to foster positivity, cultivate resilience, stimulate creativity, and inspire a sense of optimism in a community that had endured substantial hardships. 

Houston, TX: Bridging Communities Through Arts and Education
In Houston, Texas, Alde Lewis has worked to bridge communities through the ALEM programs, emphasizing the intersection of arts and education. The initiatives implemented in Houston focus on providing educational opportunities and creative outlets for young individuals, with the goal of fostering unity and understanding among diverse communities. Through these programs, Mr. Lewis strives to positively impact the lives of Houston's youth, emphasizing the importance of education and the arts as catalysts for change. Since his move to Houston, ALEM has touched more than 2000 students. 

Last year, ALEM received $1000 from the Starbucks Foundation as part of their neighborhood grants program after being recognized as a positive influence in the community where support should be considered. After a warm conversation on the matter the neighborhood store manager took it upon herself to nominate and submit a proposal to the foundation on behalf of ALEM.

Alde Lewis, as founder and artistic director of ALEM has dedicated his efforts to serving a diverse range of constituents, with a particular focus on empowering and mentoring youth. One significant facet of his service is an after-school program where he assumes the role of teacher and mentor for immigrant students. In this capacity, Lewis plays a crucial role in providing educational support, guidance, and mentorship to students navigating the challenges associated with immigration. The after-school program not only addresses academic needs but also serves as a platform for fostering a sense of community, belonging, and empowerment among immigrant youth. He has impacted over 2000 youths in his 5 years with the ALEM school program in Houston. 

The after-school program includes students from diverse backgrounds. The following countries represented by the students: Mexico, Honduras, El Salvadore, Panama, and Guatemala. There were also Nicaraguan, African American, Nigerian, and East Indian students in the program.

In his most recent project in two Middle Schools, Alde Lewis continues his commitment to serving students by actively engaging them in the ALEM initiatives. This project underscores Lewis's dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of young people, providing them with opportunities for personal and artistic growth through dance. Involving students in the two Houston Charter schools is contributing to the development and empowerment of a new generation of individuals through education, mentorship, and creative expression. Through these initiatives, Mr. Lewis demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and the belief that every student, regardless of background, deserves access to quality education and mentorship to unlock their full potential. 

Mr. Lewis assesses his students' progress by aligning their academic achievements with the district's instructional guidelines. In his role as a faculty member, he undertook the responsibility of grading students in accordance with the established guidelines set forth by the district's instructional framework. Through his role as a part-time after-school instructor, he receives feedback directly from the students at the end of the semester.  Using a simple survey, he can assess his performance and that of his students. 

Professional Experience Bio:

The A. L. Efficacy Movement Founder, Alde Lewis has a passion for sports, Golf in particular, and The Fine Arts. Having initially performed concert dance as a professional with Dianne McIntyre’s Sounds in Motion Dance Company and as a guest artist wherever the legendary Tally Beatty was choreographing commissioned projects, commercial theatre came calling. Ironically, it was Tally Beatty who called Mr. Lewis for an off-off Broadway production of “Louis” (Armstrong) and a regional Pre-Broadway Production of “Mahaliah!” to set the stage for the directional path of his career. Going on to star in Cab Calloway’s “Cotton Revue Revisited” national tour Mr Lewis turned to Broadway when casted as one of the Black male chorus dancer in the original production of “My One and Only”. Consequently, the Film “The Cotton Club” came on the docket. Then Bob Fosse’s office called without an audition needed to see of his interest in portraying the role of “Otis” in the last original production of Bob Fosse's life…The Broadway Show “Big Deal.” Later in his life’s journey a request to perform at Carnegie Hall as part of the celebration 'Black Stars of the Great White Way'... a 100 years celebration of the first Black performing artist ever allowed to perform in it's world renown hallowed halls in 1892, soprano Sissieretta Jones. In the midst of his journey Mr. Lewis encountered his mentor that lead to the eventual NYC Broadway scene. It started with becoming a first place winner of the Wednesday’s Amatuer Night contest at the famous Apollo Theater where the host of the event became enamored with his talent. It was none other than the Greatest of Tap Dancers, Tony Award's winner for the role of Mr. Majix in the Broadway production of 'My One and Only', Mr. Charles “Honi” Coles. In 2003 as a means to give back to the community of Flint, Michigan after taking on the the most important role of his life as caretaker for 10 years for his ailing mother prior, Mr. Lewis created a nonprofit that would encompass his diverse passions. In so being, here we are moving with great tempo bringing forth the fruit of the labor of love for each. In addition, EMVAD LLC, a streaming service platform was later founded to assist in the endeavor.