A. L. Efficacy Movement, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, tax exempt organization, whose mission is to exist as a Professional Theatrical Performance and Fine Arts outreach company without walls.​​

The goal is to create... Produce... Perform... Teach and Instruct through a series of performances and workshops to expose nationally...without local confinement... Professional Productions of Musical Theatre... Dance... Drama... Tap... Music... Lighting Design... Filmmaking... Script Writing and Sports Athletics to provoke thought and creativity in the youth, young adults and the more mature that which creates an atmosphere of change through self-awareness, self-esteem, ability and capability with morals and values, whereby, the positive forces of humanity can flourish perpetually in the midst of societal ills. Hence... The use of Effective Elements of Movement from a variety of creative disciplines to produce the intended result...........EFFICACY!!!!!

Our dance and theatre program initiative:  From the electrifying energy of live performance to the nuanced storytelling of digital media, we craft experiences that ignite imaginations and illuminate the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Our mission is not simply to entertain; it's to empower. We equip young minds with the tools to dissect the narratives that surround them. We work with students to teach them to think critically and to recognize and reject the insidious stereotypes that seek to confine and belittle. In their place, we cultivate a forest of self-belief, nurtured by the nourishing roots of cultural heritage and the vivifying sunbeams of artistic expression. 

The professional staff of Efficacy Movement teach and instruct. The youth participants progress through the different levels of dance, drama, and sports athletic endeavors according to age and ability. Efficacy Movement participants are taught the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, decision making, goals setting and transference of values such as responsibility, honesty, integrity and respect from the expressions of the inner creative source to everyday life.

A dance and theatre syllabus developed include such activities as posture, alignment, and balance; the prevention of strain and injury; positions and movements at the barre; leaps, jumps and combinations of steps as well as dance terminology. There is also an emphasis on focus, discipline, utilization of sequential order and the building of confidence and self-esteem. Sessions are built on each other with new students beginning with the basics and the returning students moving on to more complex work. These very activities are part and partial for the building of speed, strength, flexibility, and agility in the area of sports and athletics.

A.L. Efficacy Movement will use partnerships and collaborative efforts with Local and Regional Theaters, Colleges and Universities, and Municipalities across the country to produce Professional Theatre and Dance Productions. These productions along with philanthropic donations, golf promotion and corporate sponsorships are to be pursued to generate funds that can help make a difference in the communities at large. We seek to become a successful fundraiser, bolstered by a strong group of volunteers.

Research has proven that through golf...participants are learning and using life skills such as goal setting, interpersonal communication, self-management, and resistance skills in their daily lives.

With the assistance of Efficacy Movement's volunteer staff member Makeda Williams... Former Team member and assistant to the Head Coach of the Texas Southern University Women's Golf Team in the City of Houston and Golf General Manager and Master Golf Professional, Lindsey Mason, in association with Efficacy Movement Head Golf Pro / Director of Golf Golden Hawk Golf Club-Metro Detroit, Efficacy Movement will expose high level golf technique and play to minority and underserved youth. Together we will bring in high profile professionals and use fundraising events through sponsorships of at least two summer amateur golf events and/or outings in Houston and the surrounding areas. 

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