EMVAD TV Menu Categories

Music Video 
All genre of music (Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, etc)

Nonprofit Fundraiser Content 
Created with theatre or dance workshops and youth leadership nonprofit organizations in mind as an outlet to give them opportunities to fundraise creatively.

Short Films
To give aspiring filmmakers of the African Diaspora an opportunity for their ideas and quality creations to be exposed and monetized internationally. 

To give the art of storytelling (griot) a global platform with monetization. 

To give professional dance companies, choreographers, and soloist a global platform with monetization. 

Poetry and Spoken Word
To give poets and spoken word artists the global platform that they deserve with monetization. 

International Film/Tv 
To give creative voices and artists of the African Diaspora the opportunity to have a specific category on a platform that acknowledge their work of origin and to give exposure internationally, USA included.

Feature Film
Drama, Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction

Pivotal Tv
A tv magazine production that emphasizes the pivotal moments in leaders of the community, artists, and businessman lives that becomes the reason for the paradigm shift in their approach to step up and step out. 

While being drawn to EMVAD TV streaming service to be entertained by music, filmmakers, and tv show programming, it’s nice to have a viewing option that’s used as an intentional purposeful seed of intellect planted in the minds of our young girls and boys so that the tv hero is seen and uplifted on the screen as a person impacted via STEM interest.

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To support A.L. Efficacy Movement production performances 

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