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EIN #: 30-0078223

Our Mission:
Imagery affects the minds of the people, especially the youth. So our mission is to combat the strategic effects of the persuasive negative stories and imagery perpetuated onto black youth historically in the media (film, tv and magazines) by, with a purposeful intent, amplifying positive productive Black voices of the African Diaspora through live theatre and dance of the performance and  fine arts genre, and to celebrate Black and Latinx excellence globally through the medium of digital Film/TV and Video distributions.

To create an atmosphere and opportunity where creatives of black history told through black voices can be written, produced, danced and exposed of it’s true enriched narratives via live theatre, dance, digital video distribution told through biographies, science, fiction, comedy, instructional, or documentaries that educate, motivate, inspire, enlighten, and uplift. 
Inclusive in our vision is to assist other Black / Latinx creative content owners of film shorts and feature Length films of dance, drama, comedy, science and science fiction, short stories, music, art, animation, and puppetry in having the opportunity for their works to be exposed nationally and internationally, also. 

Together we rise to create and speak to that which need spoken. Enrichment, motivation, uplift, being impactful in our communities are the results when purposeful cognitive efforts are in play.