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A.L. Efficacy Movement, Inc.
c/o Alde Lewis
PO Box 720523
Houston, TX 77272
Phone:  832.374.1402
Email: info@alefficaymovement.org
Director of External Affairs: mwilliams@alefficacymovement.org


A true life story of a single father who is asked to raise his pre-teen daughter when the mother of the child felt that she couldn't handle the misbehaving child any longer. As a strategy he uses the game of golf to instill the core values that the real game requires to become fully in tune with oneself that last a lifetime when understood and received internally. Growth can only come through the pressures of trials and tribulations real and perceived. All journeys have their purpose. The creative development stages of the "We Two!" story revealed in this video presentation starts from the creative conception presented for a storytelling event in Detroit, Mi @CharlesHWrightMuseumofAfricanAmericanHistory; to one a man show NYC workshop production (@theAO STUDIO); to a two person play black box performance @TheEnsembleTheatre Houston. We seek support to produce as a live full stage production in addition to a FILM/TV video teleplay production to be aired via EMVAD TV, an international capable SVOD service entity.