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"The Musical: Dee’s Days of Tap Dancing in Time"


Performance Date: TBA

The Deluxe Theatre

With tap shoes in tow, Canyon must mined the memories of her infamous grandfather and his fancy feet before his dementia buries the truth six feet under.   

By Crystal Rae

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"Dee’s Days of Tap Dancing in Time"
Reading Workshop Performance Date: TBA

The DeLUXE Theater ​ 

A story that capture’s the Life and Times of a tap dancing mentor to protégé and the results planted by the seeds of inspiration. You follow the relationship of a mentor and a self motivated and gifted student. It will offer the stories behind the building of their relationship told through flashbacks, dance, storytelling and song; The separation that occurs and it’s reconciliation. The Protege comes to understand the power and spirit of his mentor’s purpose of being in and affecting his life’s directional change for the better. Through this labor of love you come to witness the sowing, cultivation, and the harvest from that which is of good soil. The protege becomes a mentor. 

Created and Conceived by Alde Lewis.